Trisha's Hidden Tattoo

Mar 24, 2010 , Posted by Vishal Trambadia at 3:48 AM

Trisha Tattoo

Trisha Krishnan Biography

(Born may 4 ,1983) is a South Idian actress. Her mother toung is Tamil.

Trisha Krishnan is a famous actress in both Tmil and Telugu film industries. Trisha Krishnan rose to fame with her roles in Tamil movies, Saamy and Ghilli. Born to Krishnan and Uma Kishnan, in Palkkad, the Tamil iyer actress got her higher education in Ethiraj College, Chennai.

After that, Trisha modelled and won Miss Salem in 1999, Miss Chennai in 1999 and Miss Beautiful Smile in 2001 in school, she also participate in several cultural activities, sports and acting.

She studied in the same school (Churm park, Chennai) as former Tamil nadu Chif Minister J.Jaylalitha.

The right spelling of her name is TRISHA. However, media people use it shortly as 3shaalso.

Commonly misspellings for her name are as follows;
Thrisha, Thirisa, thrisa, Trisa....and may be even more.

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