Charlize Theron Tattoo

Mar 26, 2010 , Posted by Vishal Trambadia at 3:02 AM

Charlize Theron
(Born in 1975, Bonino, South Africa)

At the age of 15, Cahrlize witnessed the shooting her drunkard father by her mother. Charlize immersed herself in her passion, ballet dancing. On a whim, she entered a national modelling competition which to her surprise she won

Then Charlize gone to Europe, where she enjoyed some success as a runway model. At the age of 18, when a magazine flew her out to New York for a photo shoot, she decided to stay on to study ballet at the Joffrey Ballet School.Sadly a sereous knee injury ended Charlize's ballet ambitions.

Charlize, then decided to try her luck in Hollywood. Achance encounter with a acting agent (when she was throwing a tantrum at a bank), let to her first successful audition, for a part in 2 Days in The Valley. After more part of that Charlize's popularity grew. In 2003, 8 years after arriving in Hollywood, Charlize won an Oscar for her part in Monster (portraying serial killer Aileen wuornos)

Charlize's Tattoo

She has two small tattoos on her right foot, one a fishand other is flower.

Both tattoos are discreet and appealing