Jessica Alba Tattoo

Mar 24, 2010 , Posted by Vishal Trambadia at 4:05 AM

Jessica Alba

(born 1981, Pomona, CA) is a famous Holly wood actress.

Jessica is belong from an Air Force family. Jessica's father's postings took them to Biloxi Mississippi, and Del Rio, Texas.

As a child Jessica suffered from episodes of ill-health. When the family eventually returned to California, Jessica's health recovered.

Jessica wanted to be an actress for a younger age, and started acting lessons when twelth standard. Just a year later, an agent signed her up. After a couple of smaller parts, she came to the public's attention in 1995 for her role in the TV series Flipper, filmed in Australia.

Jessica's more roles in big budget movies followed, with parts in 'into the Blue' and 'Fantastic Four'.